How well do you know Abortion?

We say its wrong to kill someone in a coma, even though they don't experience pain or life the way we do. Why?

We define death as when there is no brain+heart activity, why not use the inverse to define life? Thousands of babies are aborted while having brain and heart activity.

Some babies survive abortion. Then when they are on the table alive, is it okay to kill them, out of the womb? Was it okay seconds before?

Some abortions are so late the doctor gives the baby anesthetic before pulling their legs off with clamps.

I'm a former fetus, personally, so I stand for fetal right to life.

Did you know, in one year, in NYC more babies of color were aborted than born?

Did you know the doctor who testified in Roe v Wade now regrets it and is pro-life?

Did you know that there has been 10x the amount of babies killed in the womb worldwide than jews that died in the holocaust atrocity, just last year 2018?

Did you know that planned parenthood has been recorded on video allowing late term abortions for any reason, including gendercide (i just don't like my babies gender)?

Did you know the vast majority of abortions are for convenience, and not medically necessary in anyway? And incest and rape is a minuscule percent?

If its her body her choice, how many legs do pregnant women have? 4 or 2? If its 2, whose legs are they? How about eyes? Hint: It's not the mothers body. Otherwise the mother has 8 limbs.

Did you know the fetus has unique human DNA that is scientifically defined as alive, separate from the mother, and when we abort we end that DNA forever?

Did you know planned parenthood historic founder started it specifically to kill black babies because she hated blacks?

And lastly, if you believe in the spiritual world, we may face judgment spiritually for murder, regardless of the local laws.

Abortion Quiz

I got 73% on this quiz, what do you get?

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