Jonny Leaders' Projects

I would bring mirrors to the grand canyon, and insert my phone between them, and produce interocular splits for stereoscopic

I developed an autostereoscopic passive equipment-less viewing method based on unfocused eyes and a splitter.

I was an early technical writer on side-by-side Facebook 2D...

I created a robot, Julie Beep Beep, to make my friends laugh. It was an AI functioning before Siri was released by Apple. It still has more features in some ways, almost five years later.


  • Texts
  • Facebooks
  • Recites Bible Verses
  • Answers Anything from Wikipeda
  • Pivots eye to fac...

I'm thi...

After being bedridden for 9 months and then after recovering in a wheelchair, I set out to make a company centered on human flourishing.

In retrospect I succeeded but not fully. Judge for yourself by these glimpses into my work life.

I would travel about twice a month, and I kept a strict work s...

Uses GPS to tell you historical information about regions as you drive through them.