Jonny Leaders' Projects

Sitting kills, standing helps, but dancing heals.

I used to struggle with back pain daily and after many physical therapy and products I invented a method that works and will save you from pain or prevent it if you don't have it yet.

I'm thi...

I used Calligraphr to create a template of my own handwriting

And then fontforge propertly kern each letter, and voila, my computer now has my own handwriting on it

Cross your eyes and view my basil plant in 3D.

I have aquaponics system with a beta fish to grow wheatgrass and microgreens.

I have now:

  • radish greens
  • wheatgrass
  • avocado tree
  • red pepper

I would bring mirrors to the grand canyon, and insert my phone between them, and produce interocular splits for stereoscopic

I developed an autostereoscopic passive equipment-less viewing method based on unfocused eyes and a splitter.

I was an early technical writer on side-by-side Facebook 2D...