Jonny Leaders' Projects

Cross your eyes and view my basil plant in 3D.

I have aquaponics system with a beta fish to grow wheatgrass and microgreens.

I have now:

  • radish greens
  • wheatgrass
  • avocado tree
  • red pepper

I would bring mirrors to the grand canyon, and insert my phone between them, and produce interocular splits for stereoscopic

I developed an autostereoscopic passive equipment-less viewing method based on unfocused eyes and a splitter.

I was an early technical writer on side-by-side Facebook 2D...

Uses GPS to tell you historical information about regions as you drive through them.

Artificial Robotic Companion

I created a robot to make my friends laugh. It was an AI functioning before Siri was released by Apple. It still has more features in some ways, almost five years later.


  • Texts
  • Facebooks
  • Recites Bible Verses
  • Answers Anything from Wikipeda
  • Pivo...

After being bedridden for 9 months and then after recovering in a wheelchair, I set out to make a company centered on human flourishing.

In retrospect I succeeded but not fully. Judge for yourself by these glimpses into my work life.

I would travel about twice a month, and I kept a strict work s...