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We decided to taste test some of the oldest and most competitive of English Breakfast Teas.

How well do you know Abortion?

We say its wrong to kill someone in a coma, even though they don't experience pain or life the way we do. Why?

We define death as when there is no brain+heart activity, why not use the inverse to define life? Thousands of babies are aborted while having brain and h...

Asking us

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

instills a fundamental misunderstanding of the world that can land people in a cycle of suffering. A more functional question is:

"What do you think others would want, when you grow up?"

Capitalism is at it's core, a demand to be Selfle...

Based on an in depth test I will likely die in 2048.

I was doing pushups and it occurred to me to count backwards. There is a powerful principle in counting backwards. It tells you were you are going. How much is left.

If work is not satisfying it's because you're not measuring your progress t...