Personal Writings

Philosophy, Religion, Politics, Research

1st Order - Light

Color, material, energy, sensation


2nd Order - Palette

Gradient, dynamic light, sensations


3rd Order - Graphics

Painting, digital art, photography, film, books


4th Order - Form

Sculpture, 3D modeling

jean-baptiste-tuby-i-cherubs-playing-with-a-swan-litz-collection Jean-Baptiste Tuby I, French, 1635 - 1700, Cherubs Playi...

Almost any singleplayer game is dad-ready, but multiplayer are a bit harder to find. Below is a list of games that can be played (and paused) by busy dads:

Convert a high-end camera into a webcam!

EOS (For Canon): OBS: Virtual Driver: AC Adapter is camera specific

For more information, see How to Create A Virtual Green Screen


Establish a list of evidence that fulfills the following skeptical criteria

  • The presenter of the evidence must have no monetary gain
    • Professional Ufologists (those who write books, get ad money from videos, etc.) are thus excluded
    • Many of these people are speaking at great profession...

Based on an in depth test I will likely die in 2048.

I was doing pushups and it occurred to me to count backwards. There is a powerful principle in counting backwards. It tells you were you are going. How much is left.

If work is not satisfying it's because you're not measuring your progress t...