Harrods vs Twinings English Breakfast Tea (The Ultimate Taste Test)

We decided to taste test some of the oldest and most competitive of English Breakfast Teas.

The Taste Test


Founded in 1849, Harrod's is the largest department store in the world. They are proud to offer an exclusive English breakfast tea blend. This particular Tea I flew to London and procured myself. They also offer a fine wooden gift box assortment of tea for £50



Twinings Tea Company, est. 1706, with the second oldest running logo in the world (2nd only to Belgium beer Stella Artois), has the quintessential English Breakfast Tea blend. They were the company that invented Earl Grey tea, when the Duke of Earl made a blend he fancied that "went viral" after Twinings came to market with a reformulation.



Twining's: A richer, deeper, and more complex flavor. Pairs well with a low fat milk, as the current heir recommends (who drinks 7 cups a day).

Harrod's: A sweeter, flavor, with a bit of pep. Would like milk but doesn't need it as much. Less iconic of a flavor but very pleasant.

I prefer the Harrods, but only slightly. I'd say Twinings has a better English Breakfast flavor, but Harrods hits my taste buds a bit sweeter. Both are excellent and highly recommended.

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